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Mission Statement

The Harlem Honors Awards Mentorship Program (HHAMP) is devoted to providing underserved High School Seniors in Harlem and other communities with the resources and guidance they need to reach their full potential. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where young people can develop their skills, build meaningful relationships, and gain access to educational and career opportunities. Through our mentorship program, we empower young people to become thought leaders in their communities and beyond.



Mentorship and Counseling

Having guidance to help young adults navigate challenging situations in life can be extremely helpful. HHAMP utilizes a big-brother-big-sister approach when engaging with young people. This approach allows mentees to be active participants in the program by allowing them to discuss and talk through tough decisions. HHAMP’s young people are encouraged to openly talk about their challenges and weigh tough decisions while the mentor(s) helps them with coping and problem-solving skills, as well as build strategies for navigating life. Our goal is to help our students build self-confidence, set goals, and nurture positive and sustaining relationships, with the ultimate goal of having a healthy mindset for success.



HHAMP offers scholarships to deserving young people based on academic achievement, financial need, and their stated commitment to higher learning. The scholarships provided by a variety of sources (i.e., individuals, private organizations, corporations, foundations, and government agencies) are awarded annually at the Harlem Honors Awards show.


Career Choice

Choosing a career path may be difficult for some school seniors. HHAMP mentors encourage young people to identify a career path through a process of exploration, discovery, and selection. The process typically starts with the student(s) researching different career paths and industries to get an idea of the possibilities. The mentor(s) provides guidance and positive critiques during the process to help students make the best decision for their future. In somecases, an evaluation of the student’s skills and interests would be considered too to narrow down options. Mentor(s) and Student(s) are encouraged jointly to attend job fairs, seek career counseling services, and even have one-on- one meetings with professionals in various fields to get an insider’s perspective.


Prom Preparation

HHAMP Prom-Prep provides HS Seniors assistance with being ready for one of the most memorable days of their HS experience. HHAMP does this by hosting an annual Prom Day where young people can select a prom dress or tuxedo. Mentors are present to provide thoughts on the style, color, and fabric that are most suitable. As part of the package vouchers would be issued for getting hair and makeup done, as well as a manicure and pedicure.